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There's No Comparison. Shine Does The Most Hated Chore In The Household.


If you can’t stand using a toilet brush, you’re not alone. According to a recent study by the American Cleaning Institute, cleaning the toilet is the most hated chore in the household. Shine is the only solution currently on the market that can prevent hard water stains from building up. Our electrolyzed water cleaning solutions prevents impossible to remove hard water by spraying the bowl down after every flush so the mineral deposits doesn't harden and grow.

That's why we created Shine, to revolutionize bathroom cleaning. 

There's really no comparison, but if we had to compare Shine to a toilet brush, here are the reasons why Shine comes out on top:

Toilet  Brush

Created By Shine Bathroom

Manual Cleaning
I have to clean the toilet myself

Removes ~80% of Waste
Based on a 2019 study using Scrubbing Bubbles and 409

Automatic Cleaning
Automatically cleans for me

Removes ~92% of Waste
Based on the same study conducted in 2019

The Experts Love This Device

"Shine Bathroom is meant for people who want a clean bathroom but don't want to touch a toilet brush"

"Five times as powerful as traditional deodorizing spray, and as powerful as bleach, but without the harsh chemicals"

90-Day Trial Guarantee

Imagine A World 
Where You Don't Need to Clean Toilets

Let Shine take care of the dirtiest job at home. 

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How Automated Cleaning Works

Place the Water Sensor on the water line. When you flush the toilet, it will detect the vibration.

The Bathroom Assistant device gets notified about the flush by the water sensor and starts cleaning automatically.

The Spray Bar then sprays powerful electrolyzed water to clean the whole bowl, leaving germs no place to hide.

Harmful for Pets & Kids
Keep them away from this stuff

Safe for Pets & Kids
Non-toxic and completely safe in your home

Uses Harsh Chemicals
Smells awful and harms the environment

Uses Electrolyzed Water
Smells fresh and breaks down into saltwater

Drips on the Floor
The brush is just so gross!

Sprays Into the Bowl
No dripping toilet brush

Impossible to Scrub Hard Water
Minerals build up and get crusty

Never Worry About Hard Water     Shine removes it with every flush 

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We're incredibly grateful to all of our Shine Bathroom customers for believing in our vision for the future of the bathroom, and collectively ordering over 50,000 devices! 

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Before Shine... clean toilet with stains

Tried Everything To Erase Hard Water Stains?

We have too...

Why does it work when everything else fails?

Powerful Eco-Friendly Acidic Solution
Our Electrolyzed Water cleaning solution is acidic and neutralizes the very basic minerals that form hard water deposits. Once the cleaning solution is used, it breaks down in to water, vinegar and salt that's easy on plumbing or septic.

Constant cleaning: 
Most people will have to soak the toilet bowl with vinegar for hours or spend 15 minutes a week scrubbing with a strong brush. Shine applies a new layer of cleaning solution after every flush. This means the minerals that lead to staining never adhere to the toilet bowl, so you don't have to scrub.

Some Of Our Happy Customer Reviews

After long months waiting for this product, it finally here, the setup was a breeze to setup all 3 units; the unit with most use is located in the powder room in the first floor and it is very noticeable the improvement in the bowl, it looks whiter and slowly it has been getting a deep clean with the solution. The Shine units are worth it every penny and the long months waiting for it.

Shine Bathroom works great! Customer service is awesome and they continue to make improvements based on customer feedback. Toilet is always clean and fresh. Love it!!

It has been a week and after the installation & it went well with a minor hiccup on the internet connection. The instructions were pretty simple and it took less than 15 min. After every use, the shine sprays the bowl with its liquid. So far, it has done a marvelous job. My toilet bowl is now cleaned effortlessly and i can use my time for other things! Love it!

Jorge P.

Sharon P.

Karen L.

1 review

1 review

1 reviews




After 30 days of use


Hey Alexa, clean the toilet!

Hands-Free Cleaning
Ask Alexa to clean the toilet for you

Detects Water Leaks
Tracks water usage and alerts you about leaks to save you money

Built-in Nightlight
Provides just enough light to do your thing at night

Hands-Free Cleaning
Ask Alexa to clean the toilet for you

Built-in Nightlight
Provides just enough light to do your thing at night

Detects Water Leaks
Tracks water usage and alerts you about leaks to save you money