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Ditch The Gloves With Self-Cleaning

Detect Silent Toilet Leaks & 

Save Money on your Water Bill

Easy Self-Installation On Any Toilet

The modern toilet hasn’t evolved in over a century. That is, until now. The Shine Digital Toilet Seat brings spa-like comfort and automation technology into your bathroom, making your private time more enjoyable and productive.

  • Built-in self-cleaning on every flush washes away those unseemly stains so you never have to get your hands dirty.  

  • It can be cold where the sun doesn't shine, so let it Shine™ with a touch-activated heated seat, keeping you nice and cozy during your stay. 

  • Automatic-closing lid means hands-free operation and helps someone break bad habits.

Effortlessly Monitor & Improve Your Health

While nearly everything around us gets smarter, toilets... remain toilets. The Shine Digital Toilet Seat goes beyond the call of nature to help you keep tabs on your health. Via the companion app, you can monitor your fecal weight to track alarming changes, passively monitor body weight to track fitness goals, and more.

  • Just like how a fitness tracker counts your steps; Shine passively monitors your weight so that you can stay in the know. You'll never need a scale again! 

  • Active weight tracking prevents weight gain by helping coach you to meet and beat your fitness goals

  • When Shine keeps track of your weight over time, it can alert you of critical movements that might indicate changes in your health. So if something feels wrong, you can let your doctor know.

Is Your Refrigerator Toilet Running?

Did you know that you could be loosing up to 200 gallons of water a day through improper toilet seals? That's money spent on water that you could be spending on ___________, not to mention the wasted water damaging to the environment. The Shine App monitors all water levels to prevent these wastes - or another Genesis Flood.

  • Floods can cost you thousands - with instant notifications from Shine, you'll be immediately alerted of any potential flood before it happens. 

  • Active water monitoring helps reduce your water bill by detecting improper seals or leaks. 

  • Real-time water level tracking helps you go green — while keeping your toilet white — by preventing over-usage.

Hassle-Free Installation With All Your Toilets

Kiss your old toilet seat goodbye. Well, not literally. But do replace it. The Shine Digital Toilet Seat can be installed on any toilet to replace the existing seat — no extra plumber fees necessary.

  • Easy to install in just five minutes without plugs or complicated tools. 

  • Shine is compatible with all toilet brands - unless your toilet is "au natural" 

  • Shine is completely batter-powered, meaning there are no plugs or outlets required. Thanks, Zeus!

People Agree - We're Not Full Of It!

I would love to throw away that nasty toilet brush. My toilet will always be clean!

Hitomi K.

A toilet that helps me easily stay healthy and maintain my weight? Count me in!

Gary R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shine clean my toilet seat?

Shine's patent pending method cleans the entire bowl after every flush with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. The solution is environmentally safe and removes stains & grime with every cleaning. 

I'm worried about data privacy - this is very personal information! How is my information shared and protected?

We believe the privy should remain private. The data is only accessible to you and we utilize the latest encryption and best practices developed by Amazon to make sure your data is protected.  

How many times does Shine self-clean? How can I replace the cleaning pod?

Unlike college freshmen; Shine cleans after every flush. The app will automatically notify you when your cleaning pod is running low and requires a replacement. A single cleaning pod cleans for two regular users for about a month.

Is Shine compatible with my toilet?

Shine is compatible with any standard toilet in your home. Both round and elongated formats are supported, and we guarantee compatibility or your money back.

What hookups are required for installation?

None! We fit toilet types of all brands and sizes. No power plug or alterations are necessary to install Shine on your current toilet. 

Will I have my weight measured every time I use Shine?

Shine uses advanced algorithms to know when to record your weight and store weight data on your personal cloud. You do not need to look at your weight each time you are measured, and it is effortlessly stored for your reference at any time.

How often do I need to recharge the battery?

The battery needs to be recharged once per month and pops out for convenient charging. The battery quickly recharges in just a few hours, and a full charge provides an entire month of power.

How do the Shine subscriptions work?

At your option, instead of purchasing cleaning pods one at a time, we will send you unlimited amount of cleaning pods for a flat monthly cost to save you money.

What are "silent leaks," and how does Shine help prevent them?

Silent leaks are when a toilet is leaking water but cannot be heard - which can add up to 200 gallons of water usage per day to your water bill. You can use food coloring in the tank to detect these leaks, but Shine can detect them automatically to save you money on that water bill.

What If Instead Of You Taking Care Of Your Bathroom, Your Bathroom Took Care Of You?

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