Say Goodbye to Toilet Cleaning

Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance. Effortless. Chemical Free.

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Let Your Bathroom Take Care of Itself

The Shine Bathroom Assistant device automates toilet cleaning & maintenance. Simply place it anywhere nearby your toilet, snap on the sensors, and turn your toilet into a self-cleaning throne that usually costs $10,000 or more. 

Self-Cleaning. Chemical Free.

Shine automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet after each flush using electrolyzed water, as effective as bleach but chemical-free.

Detect Leaks

Shine helps you keep track of your water usage 24/7 and uses AI to detect any problems with your toilet. Then Shine helps you fix your toilet for free.

2 Minute Install. Plug-Free

Shine works with toilets worldwide and installs in 2 minutes. You can put Shine anywhere near your toilet without a need to plug in. 

Kristie C.

"Alexa, clean the toilet." Need I say more? From a working mom that shares a bathroom with her two boys and a husband, Shine is amazing!!

Time to Leave Bathroom Cleaning to the Robots

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Jeff H. 

Wow! The potential of Shine Bathroom has taken the most dreaded chore of my wife's hands and eliminated the toxic chemicals used in cleaning a house full of boys.

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Time to Leave Bathroom Cleaning to the Robots